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Serio Keynote at 2014 IATR Conference

August 24, 2014

IATR Announces Former New York State Insurance Commissioner Gregory V. Serio as Keynote Speaker at 2014 New Orleans Conference

Topic: Understanding Transportation Network Company (TNC) Insurance Regulation Issues

The IATR is pleased to announce Gregory V. Serio , the former Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New York, as a keynote speaker at the 2014 IATR Conference , which will be held in New Orleans from September 21-24. Mr. Serio will be speaking about insurance issues related to Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and will answer questions from IATR conference participants.

Superintendent Serio will discuss the wide ranging concerns related to TNC operations, and the regulatory issues related thereto.

Superintendent Serio will help IATR members better understand how the insurance industry works and clear-up any confusion surrounding the public debate of such matters around the United States and beyond. In addition to providing a primer on insurance law for transportation regulators, and explaining the TNC related issues, Mr. Serio will answer questions raised by IATR members and will work with our organization moving forward.

As Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New York, Mr. Serio was responsible for the regulation of all forms of insurance transacted in New York, and led an agency of more than 1,000 employees with a budget greater than $125 million. During his tenure, the State of New York saw substantial declines in the cost of automobile insurance, the success of a nationally-recognized health insurance program for the working uninsured, the growth of captive insurance companies as a meaningful alternative to traditional insurance programs, and the commencement of wide-ranging investigations into insurance carrier and broker activities. Superintendent Serio is a nationally recognized expert in insurance regulation, and he has been very involved with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for many years - a peer group (like the IATR) of Insurance Commissioners. Superintendent Serio's involvement with NAIC includes serving on the Financial Services and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee of the United States Treasury, as well as Chairman of the NAIC Government Affairs Task Force. Prior to serving as Superintendent of Insurance, Mr. Serio was the General Counsel for the NY State Insurance Department and Chief Counsel to the NY State Senate's Insurance Committee.

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