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Now is when the hard work begins. Industry regulations are set to be in place in the fall of 2023, and they will need to be thoroughly reviewed and understood. The license applications for the nine different cannabis licenses will be available Fall 2023/Winter 2024, and plant-touching companies will need to be ready to navigate that process to successfully obtain a license from the new Office of Cannabis Management.

Park Strategies’ Cannabis Practice Group, together with the D’Amato Law Group, provides a full range of resources, counsel, and government relations services specifically tailored to meet the needs of its cannabis industry client base.

As the leading cannabis policy firm in New York State we have developed and established deep roots in the cannabis space. From working to secure one of the first medical marijuana licenses, to our advocacy on the 2019 Hemp Extract Law, to advocacy efforts in the passage of the MRTA, to a strong presence in the cannabis market, Park Strategies has been at the forefront of cannabis public policy & business strategy to help stand up of the cannabis industry in New York.

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Albany, NY, at the New York State Capitol at twilight.