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Government Relations 

At Park Strategies, we pride ourselves on working closely with our government relations clients to help create and implement comprehensive and coordinated advocacy strategies that win. Our complement of attorneys and subject matter policy experts have familiarity with the budgetary, procurement, legislative, administrative, and regulatory processes, and are known for a robust Business Development practice across New York State. 

State & Local  

Influencing public policy to achieve more.  

Our State & Local Affairs division has over 100 years of combined experience in navigating public and government affairs. Whether it’s in the halls of the State Capitol or the hearing rooms in a county legislature, Park Strategies’ lobbyists are known for their tenacious advocacy, creative solutions and profound ability to achieve results. We work closely with clients to understand their business, identify their challenges and opportunities, and craft government relations campaigns that advance their interests. 

Utilizing our well-established statewide network of government contacts, our team can serve your needs in many ways. Along with providing guidance on interfacing with the Executive Chamber, Legislature, and state agencies, our team will facilitate relationships between your organization and individuals at the appropriate levels of government to further your objectives. This often involves educating and interfacing with key government decision makers to position your organization as a valuable resource.  

government relations

Regulatory & Federal Affairs 

Navigating the complexities of government relations and regulations. 

Maximizing the success of your organization may require guidance specific to the federal government and the various regulators that affect your industry. Our Federal Affairs team will work with you to identify the areas of government that most directly impact your organization. With a keen understanding of the federal process we will recommend strategies that will serve you best, backed by our close relationships with elected officials and we have proficiency at navigating relevant government agencies and regulating entities.  Our team has the expertise and experience to ensure that you are positioned well to pursue your unique opportunities without being held up by the government red tape that can arise along the way.  

Our team also provides procurement support to enhance business development opportunities by leveraging our intimate knowledge of the relationship between the public and private commercial sectors.  We monitor and report on regulatory developments and advise and assist clients in licensing and application proceedings.  When it furthers our clients’ regulatory agendas, we collaborate closely with the D’Amato Law Group.