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Connecting the dots that determine success.   

Successful business initiatives often arise from the ability to discover and foster unforeseen connections and alliances. The strategic business consulting clients of Park Strategies benefit from our ability to leverage our broad experience and expertise to build relationships that achieve common goals. With subject matter expertise in areas ranging from financial services and information technology to healthcare and procurement, we assist clients in developing and executing business-to-business and business-to-government strategies that realize their objectives.  For more than two decades. the professionals at Park Strategies have consistently added value to our clients and their operations, successfully guiding companies and organizations to new frontiers of success, whether in new markets, sales growth, or capital formation.  

Going further for our strategic business consulting clients through grassroots advocacy. 

Park Strategies has unparalleled relationships with government, business, and community leaders throughout the state. Leveraging these relationships, we have managed successful grassroots campaigns for several Fortune 50 corporate clients, and issue-oriented coalitions. Additionally, we represent local government entities at the town and county level, and we are engaged in business development efforts around the state on behalf of a number of our private sector clients. 

strategic business consulting

Park Strategies is adept at structuring and deploying coalitions of stakeholders and non-traditional partners to effectively advocate for your key issues. We have long-standing, statewide relationships with a broad range of leaders and groups that help us to educate and engage with key audiences on the important issues of the campaign. 

Our strong relationships with local reporters and key government officials and community leaders allow us to help advance key issues through media across the state. We have been highly successful at promoting our campaign messages throughout the state using a variety of methods, including staging localized news conferences, utilizing social networking, and facilitating stakeholder letter-writing campaigns.