Fueling success across critical fields.  

Providing exceptional consulting, government relations, and strategic advisory services has always come down to the strong relationships we build and the vast expertise we bring to the table. It’s what has enabled us to help clients across some of the most complicated and nuanced industries to grow and achieve their most ambitious objectives time and again.   

strategic advisory services for budget appropriations industry

Budget Appropriations 

Much of the government affairs world comes down to money. If you know how it works and how to advocate for it, you’re ahead of the game. The Park Strategies Budget Appropriations team monitors the budget process from the fiscal year’s start to the executive budget comparison with legislative one-house budgets at the culmination of the state fiscal year. Our team is comprised of fiscal experts previously involved in formulating and negotiating of large portions of the state budget. Today, that expertise is utilized to benefit Park Strategies’ clients. Our team has secured billions of dollars in state funding for clients over the years and provides broad-based consulting services to clients on how the budget process works and how state funding can be accessed to help advance business development strategies.  

strategic advisory services for cannabis/hemp cultivation and processing industry

Cannabis/Hemp Cultivation & Processing 

The state’s cannabis program has been marred by slow starts and red tape. It’s an industry that’s not for the faint of heart. Park Strategies’ Cannabis Practice Group, together with the D’Amato Law Group, provides a full range of resources, counsel, and government relations services specifically tailored to meet the needs of its cannabis industry client base at a time when they need it most. As the leading cannabis policy firm in New York State, we have been at the forefront of the industry in New York, and we have established deep roots in this space. The Cannabis Practice Group focuses on all aspects of the developing cannabis industry in the state. In addition, we represent and advise cannabis businesses, including dispensaries, micro-businesses, processors, cultivators, and others providing related industry services. 

strategic advisory services for casinos, gaming, racing and wagering industries

Casinos, Gaming, Racing & Wagering  

With much of the recreational gaming industry still in its relative infancy, the state is still trying to right-size the industry and maximize its impact. During this time period of uncertainly, there is also opportunity. Our Casinos, Gaming, Racing & Wagering team provides guidance and consulting for interfacing with the Executive Chamber, Legislature, and the Gaming Commission, including key industry stakeholders, to affect regulatory policy and the drafting of legislation. Our expertise is unmatched, with significant experience working in both the simulcasting/racing and video lottery gaming industry in New York. This includes representing off-track betting corporations and related horseracing issues in New York and multiple years as one of the leaders in the video lottery gaming industry here in the state. 

strategic advisory services for energy and environment industries

Energy & Environment  

New York State is at a crossroads. With wildly ambitious green energy goals that will strain the current grid and its infrastructure, change must happen. But how? And what does it look like? Our Energy & Environment team advocates on behalf of clients who are impacted by legislative and regulatory matters in the energy and environmental policy space in New York. From power generators and transmission lines to retail energy companies, utilities, and business groups, we’ve represented them all. Our team provides guidance, consulting, and direct advocacy on regulatory matters. We also navigate complex state and local government siting issues with energy development projects. And we represent energy (ethanol, renewable, and natural gas) client interests before the Legislature and Executive Branch. 

strategic advisory services for healthcare industries


Complex, ever-changing, and high-stakes. Those are a few words that define government affairs in the healthcare space. But it’s an industry where we thrive. Our team works within healthcare policy, healthcare financing, state budget analysis, and other matters related to the infrastructure of healthcare in New York and delivers results. We provide advice and counsel regarding the Division of Budget, Executive Chamber, Legislature, and the Department of Health. This includes engaging with these entities and bringing issues in front of them on behalf of healthcare industry stakeholders to affect regulatory policy, state budget allocations, and the drafting of legislation. Park Strategies represents a cross section of hospital systems and hospital associations throughout Upstate New York, Long Island, and the mid-Hudson Valley, along with a range of other providers from long-term care to healthcare professionals.   

strategic advisory services for hospitality, nightlife, and entertainment industries

Hospitality, Nightlife & Entertainment  

This sector is the lifeblood of our state. And also, one of the hardest hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Alcohol Beverage Licensing and Hospitality team helps local, state, and national businesses work through New York State’s complex process for securing liquor licenses and works to limit costly delays and fines. We provide guidance on New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) liquor permit applications and work with the SLA to clarify, supplement, and keep liquor permit applications on track. Additionally, we secure SLA approval for physical space modifications and ownership changes, advise clients on community board meetings and hearings, and represent clients charged with violations. Park Strategies also provides guidance on licensing requirements for hospitality businesses and advises on the construction and development of locations. 

strategic advisory services for information technology industries

Information Technology       

Every single day, technological innovations challenge the norms and force government to respond in new ways. The Park Strategies Technology team has been involved with the digital transformation of government services since the 1990s. With experience as policy advisors to the governor and state agencies, Fortune 500 technology firms routinely engage our firm to assist with their business development goals. Whether it be at the state and local level or in the private sector, Park Strategies can craft a successful business development strategy to meet your goals. 

insurance and finance industries

Insurance & Financial Services  

In the heavily regulated world of insurance, you need a trusted partner who knows how to navigate the intricacies of policy and how it impacts your organization. That’s where Park Strategies’ Insurance and Financial strategic advisory services team comes in. We have built relationships with, and we monitor and provide outreach to, senior regulators that impact the formulation of policies for the various clients that fall under our purview. Some of our strategic advisory services include drafting and advancing legislation, expert witness work on insurance and Workers’ Compensation, consulting for insurance and financial services companies, and representation before, and participation in, relevant industry bodies (NAIC and NCOIL).  

labor and workforce industries

Labor & Workforce  

The COVID-19 pandemic strained our state’s labor and workforce sector in new ways that were previously unimaginable. Now as we enter a new era, challenges still remain. Park Strategies’ Labor & Workforce team works to advance the interests of clients before the legislature, Department of Labor, and Workers’ Compensation Board. Our experience includes working with local government planning and zoning boards, such as the current zoning board of appeals attorney and planning board member for a large upstate municipality. Some of our services include the drafting and advancement of legislation, engagement with the Workers’ Compensation Board on regulatory and policy issues, and regulatory analysis, comments, and advocacy. 

local government

Local Government  

While many feel like the State Capitol is where the most policy decisions get made, the towns, villages, cities and counties that make up New York all play a distinct role in how government functions. The old adage is true — all politics is local. The Park Strategies Local Government team has worked with local leaders since the 1990s and has formed deep relationships with town board members, mayors, and county executives. We strongly advocate on behalf of our local government clients’ top priorities, including economic development and environmental projects. The Park Strategies Local Government team has secured over 100 million dollars in state and federal dollars for municipalities. Additionally, many of our clients provide valuable services and partner with local governments to provide efficiency and savings. 

professions team


Who is on your team to protect your industry and stick up for your members who’ve made this job their livelihood and career? Our Professions team provides advice and counsel to clients that are regulated by the State Education Department (SED) to affect regulatory policy and the drafting of legislation. Park Strategies has built relationships with, and monitors and provides outreach to, the pertinent SED advisory boards that impact the formulation of policies for the various clients that fall under their purview. The firm has forged sound long-term relationships with legislative chairpersons and SED leadership in the Office of the Professions and has consistently positioned clients and their respective issues for success. By working collaboratively with other stakeholders, we are best equipped to achieve the ideal results for our clients’ initiatives. 

real estate, construction, economic development, and housing policy

Real Estate, Construction, Economic Development & Housing Policy  

In the world of economic development, you need a strategic advisory services partner who understands the complexities and nuances of the government’s role and how to position projects or policy positions as vital to a community’s future. Our Real Estate, Construction, Economic Development & Housing Policy team has been essential to securing victories for clients throughout each of its focus areas. Representing upstate property owners, we have helped fight against unrealistic tenant policies that would impact property ownership and operations. We have also worked in concert with industrial development agencies and local development corporations helping to secure millions of dollars of grants and incentives for economic development projects across the state. The scope of our work for private and public-private construction projects includes providing advice and counsel regarding all aspects of the construction industry, such as drafting and administering contract agreements, closeout, and dispute resolution. 

transportation and aviation

Transportation & Aviation  

New York is in the midst of a transportation revolution. We’ve seen record funding for transportation infrastructure as we reimagine our roads, bridges, transit, and airports. But what’s next? And how do you stay relevant? The Park Strategies Transportation & Aviation team represents the interests of all sectors of transportation (aviation, rail, highway/bridge, equipment, motorcoach, transit) before the Legislature and Executive Branch. Our long-term relationships have allowed us access and engagement with the NYS Department of Transportation Executive Leadership Team, which has been critical to supporting our clients’ objectives. Park Strategies has consistently offered strategic advisory services that have been essential to our clients’ interests in the transportation sector.