Tom Wickham


Tom Wickham joined Park Strategies as a Vice President in October 2019.

Mr. Wickham brings with him more than 22 years of legislative experience, serving most recently as Director of Council on Health Care Financing in the New York State Senate.

He possesses a diverse base of historical knowledge regarding the complexities and nuances of the state’s healthcare system, its extensive regulatory framework, and statewide healthcare infrastructure. During his legislative tenure, Mr. Wickham developed the necessary strong relationships with a broad range of key executive and agency staff, worked with stakeholders from the state’s various healthcare sectors in developing and analyzing policy proposals, and helped resolve a range of regulatory challenges on the behalf of constituents.

Mr. Wickham’s roles included leading the Senate Majority Health Team during budget negotiations and in negotiating and drafting policy initiatives that have had lasting impacts on the state’s various health and long-term care sectors; engaging with agency and executive staff in resolving regulatory issues; working closely with the chairman of the Senate Health Committee on policy priorities; in-depth policy analysis; and ensuring Senators and staff were not only apprised of state-level policy and fiscal issues, but also of the implications to the state of federal actions and proposals.

Mr. Wickham’s experience in the Senate includes working as the legislative director in a member’s office, and working for a number of years as a health policy analyst. In those roles, he gained experience in virtually all aspects of the legislative process, as well as in a wide range of health, long term care, and mental hygiene policy issues.

Areas of Concentration

  • Healthcare
  • Mental Hygiene
  • Long Term Care
  • State Budget


  • B.A., English, Political Science, – State University of New York at Fredonia