Tom Wickham

Tom Wickham

Vice President

Tom Wickham serves on our healthcare team, representing hospital systems, laboratories, clients in long-term care, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as areas indirectly connected to healthcare. Mr. Wickham’s vast knowledge of the complexities and nuances of New York State’s healthcare system, extensive regulatory framework, and healthcare infrastructure make him a valuable asset to our clients. Working with the Executive Chamber, agencies, and the legislature, Mr. Wickham helps to resolve regulatory issues, advance legislative initiatives, and pursue budget-related solutions. He also represents clients in the professions and is part of our cannabis practice group.

When Mr. Wickham joined Park Strategies, he brought with him more than 22 years of legislative experience. Previously, he had served as the director of the council on health care financing in the New York State Senate. He also served in the senate as legislative director and worked for a number of years as a health policy analyst. Both roles helped to develop Mr. Wickham’s experience throughout the legislative and regulatory processes regarding healthcare policy issues.

Mr. Wickham also spent time leading the Senate Majority Health Team during budget negotiations and was intimately involved in drafting and negotiating policy initiatives that have had lasting impacts on the state’s health and long-term care sectors. Over the course of his career, Mr. Wickham has developed strong relationships with a wide range of industry stakeholders and decision makers, including executives and agency staff, which continue to play a huge role in how Mr. Wickham serves clients today. 


Bachelor of Arts, English, Political Science
State University of New York at Fredonia

Focus Areas

Mental Hygiene 
Long Term Care
State Budget 



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